Monday, 30 July 2007

Mitch Hewer

Mitchell Scott "Mitch" Hewer (born July 1st 1989 in Bristol) is an English actor, who currently plays Maxxie in the E4 teen drama, Skins.

Hewer is a student of SWADA (South West Academy of Dramatic Arts)

Whilst studying at Filton College, he was offered the chance of playing a character called 'Maxxie' in an upcoming E4 drama, called Skins. This was his first appearance in a televised program, and his claim to fame!  The first series of Skins began filming on the 5 June 2006, and it finished on the 27 September 2006. Skins was first aired on E4 on the 25 January, and the last episode of series one was shown on the 22 March 2007. E4 has now also commissioned a second series of Skins with 10 episodes, and it is confirmed that Mitch will be casted in this series.



Anonymous said...

haha ye its true.He is so fit.Its a shame hes straight in real life.For me.Its not such a shame for all you ladies tho lol.

He blatantly deserves to be in here.

And may I add.The advert he's in promoting the new series of skins where he's dancing is sooo HOT.slightly gay.But still hot!.NICE BOD! :O :P

Anonymous said...

I LOVE him!
lol, he can dance he can act :D what else do you want.
He has a fantastic body too! and smile :P

Anonymous said...

Aww i no!! =O

He's effin gawjuss!! ;):P

Im soo glad he's straight ;) not that i'd hav a chance like.. but a girl can dream ;) x

Anonymous said...

Sketch and Michelle from skins are both lucky bitches!! Got paid to snog him!! =O Dream job or what!! :P x

Anonymous said...

I honestley fink am in luv!
seriously tho he can act, sing, dance.AND plus his body iz just HOTTT! Mi dream bf! der is a chance tho he's 18 nd im 13 so if u fink about it wen he's 23 i'll b 18 so...DREAMIN ere! lol.
He is sooo the hottest nd fittest nd best lookin guy i've ever seen!
I just melt wen he comes on mi T.V!
especially wen he's got no top on!
:p!!! mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Hi me again the 1 above just 2 say am not the gay person who commented first!

Anonymous said...

yehh hes hot
but i love his scalf in the one with the red background
any1 know wheres its from? or wat type of scalf it is?