Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hot Model of the Week

This weeks model is known as Tommyboi2007 on myspace etc.

Height: 5' 11"      Weight:  10 lbs   Shoe size: 11

Hair color: Blonde    Eye color: Blue

About his modelling he says :

Too describe myself? Basicly I wanna be a successful model! The Male Kate Moss!
Do you see my sense of humour there... ;)
I'm very easy to work with, will try anything. (Aslong as its not full nudity!)
In genral,open minded to all ideas. Love mental/crazy/weird/funky/retro... Anything thats not "Normal".. (Though define "Normal"?)
The pics on here are some of the most recent of me. i've got more if you want to see, Just ask :-)
Interested in doing some TFP or TFCD so please message me!
Looking to do some shoots with lots of vibrance and colour..
So if thats your thing, HIT ME UP!
Tommy X

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u are like da most sexiest man eva
and dere are so many hot men out dere but u jst seem lyk da perfect guy for me.

i just really wanna d with u cuz i
love ur face, ur body is a to totally
die for and u seem lyk one of da nicest and hot men out dere.

hook up wid me anytyme cuz u have drived mental wid ur looks~

luv ya, and i thynk its sad u have'nt got many comments yet, but dats cuz u r made 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!

cant describe how much i luv ya

Scott Maslen da guy who plays as Jack from Eastenders is da worlds hottest man eva, but u are ma second!
hook up wid me any tyme yh, thnks agen