Saturday, 11 August 2007

James Sutton and Guy Burnett

 Hollyoaks is getting exciting now, with both John Paul (James Sutton) and Craig Dean (Guy Burnett) due to be caught out. 

Next week the guys get caught out by two people, and it rapidly goes down hill from there.

There is some talk of Craig proposing to Sarah in order to protect himself, but thats a bit pointless when two other people know that Craig is having a relationship with John Paul. I could go into much more details but there is enough information about it on the net, that I won't spoil it here.

Here are some screen captures from Yesterdays first look in which they get caught kissing.

And a topless picture of James Sutton, just because hes hot.

I may post spoilers later, depends on whether I change my mind.


Peter Jacobs said...

I wish John Paul would stick with Spike - he's much nicer than Craig!

Anonymous said...

the only thing i dislike about craig in real life is that he always seems to have to act 200% straight...which i guess was why they picked him for the character.
and spike seemed a lil forced?
apparently he's going for a catholic father in the closet next?!?!

Anonymous said...

Still hooked on John Paul and Craig. Although I must admit that I LOVE Kieron.