Wednesday, 1 August 2007

More James Sutton

Previous television roles

Prior to Hollyoaks', Sutton also had roles in the Dream Team spinoff Dream Team 80s, playing Terry Glover, and in Lynda La Plante's Trial and Retribution X, playing a character called Barry Milne.

British Soap Awards 2007

Sutton has been nominated for 'Sexiest Male', 'Best Actor' and 'Most Dramatic Performance' for The British Soap Awards 2007. He had been short-listed along with Gerard McCarthy (Kris Fisher) for 'Best Newcomer' for his role as John-Paul McQueen, however McCarthy was chosen for the final nomination. Sutton's 'Most Dramatic Performance' nomination is for a scene in Hollyoaks where his character, John-Paul McQueen tells his best friend, Craig Dean (Guy Burnet), of his feelings for him.

Sutton did not win in any of the categories in which he was nominated, but made the final four contenders based on the public vote for Sexiest Male and Best Actor.

On his role in Hollyoaks

Sutton knew before he went to casting that John Paul would be gay and that the story would play out over a number of months.

In an interview with Inside Soap he commented on his on-screen persona, bashful John Paul McQueen.

"People have approached me in the street to tell me off for treating poor Hannah so badly, ... But they understand the heartbreak John Paul's going through. I find myself constantly defending him - it's like he's my baby! ... He's completely in love with his best friend, Craig. ... It's not that he wants to hurt Hannah or lead her on. He does like her - only as a mate. He's just too scared to tell Craig how he feels, in case he ruins their friendship for ever."

Sutton has renewed his contract with Hollyoaks up to Spring of 2008 .

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ivy said...

I wish Sutton could have won. He's one of my favorite on Hollyoaks. I think the storyline was truly ground breaking and done really well. I love these two together.