Sunday, 9 September 2007

Skins Series 2

I thought I would give you an update of whats happening with Skins series 2.  Its currently being filmed, and so far they have filmed a couple of episodes.  The new series of skins will be shown most likely early 2008 although final dates have to yet be confirmed by E4.

All the favourite cast members will be in Series 2 include Mitch Hewer (Maxxie) and Nicholas Hoult (Tony) Shown on the cover of Attitude Magazine Below.

Mitch Hewer is still my favourite actor in Skins, so another picture of him shirtless below.

I can't currently give you a cast list and breakdown of whos in the cast, basically because not all episodes are filmed yet, and also they are still going to audition for some minor parts in later episodes of Series 2.

Who's your favourite character ? Let us know, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

My Favourite by far is Hannah Murray/Cassie. <3

Thanks for the update!

cd said...

Mitch Hewer by far is the hottest on the show. From that floppy hair, that smile and acute accent to the photoshoot by Kai Z Feng and the hot pash with Tony in Moshkov.

The first Ep in S02 is about Maxxie and has his Bill Bailey playing his dad.

Anonymous said...

Sid is just too cute to go past

Unknown said...


Nice collection of hunks you've got here! ;) When are you going to feature the boys from the new Skins?

Right now I'm working with BBC Video to get the word out about the Skins: Volume 1 DVD release in the US... and have some info you might be interested in (ie: pix, vids, & a widget featuting the Skins boys...)

Email me if you're interested!

Liz Teschler
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