Sunday, 18 November 2007

10 Hottest Men in The World

I was trying to work out the 10 hottest men in the World, but there are so many hot men.  However we all have different ideas of whats hot and whats not, so heres my 10 hottest men.

I don't know if I am quite happy with the order of my top 10 but I think I am happy with the choices I have made.

1  Justin Timberlake

justin_timberlake9 justin-timberlake-bio

2  Mitch Hewer

mitchhewer2 mitchhewer5

3  Jared Padalecki

jared jared3

4  James Sutton

pic04 jamessuttonas4

5  Jamie Ellis


6 Dougie Poynter

dougie1 Dougie_Poynter

7 Fionn Macdiarmid

fionnmacdiarmid02 fionnmacdiarmid04

8  Brad Pitt

20050723-BadPritt 039_44145~Brad-Pitt-Posters

9 Ashton Kutcher

ashtonckutcher7cc ashtongoodness

10 Austin Drage



Anonymous said...

try getting sum nicer pix of douggie n mebbie he will b num 1 on ya list!! douggie rules!!!!

Anonymous said...

pls check out Brent Corrigan too:) He's gay but super cute. just fun to look at!!

Anonymous said...

where is channing tatum on your list omg he is soooo hot!!! should be on there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

yes mitch is hot but he is gay not just in skins but in real life so hes kinda off limits

Anonymous said...

yes mitch is hot but he is gay not just in skins but in real life so hes kinda off limits

Anonymous said...

i so agree wid all u top 10

Anonymous said...

i think you could put other pictures more hotter with dougie poynter;} but anyway i agree with your top:"]

Anonymous said...

He isn't gay.. He has said on two seperate occasions, that although Maxxie is gay, Mitch himself is not. I know this, because I study, long and hard ;)

Anonymous said...

you defo need nicer pics of dougie. well, the second one at least!!!
x x x

Anonymous said...

Mitch Hewer Ent Gay In Real Life, He Has A Gf Lmao

Dougie Is Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! But Maybe A Nicer Pic Of Him?
He's My Number One! x x x

Anonymous said...

well then i guess Mitch isn't off-limits to me... I think hes gorgeous

molly x said...

your 10 is great but top three shouldve gone-
1.AUSTIN DRAGE is hott xxx ;)
2.brad pitt X
3. theo walcott - mmm

Jess :) said...

Austin Is Gorgeous X Factor Is All A Fix He Should Be The Winner Simons Gonna Give Him A Record Deal Neway But Hes To Good For Xfactor Hes Gonna Be Laughing At Himself Oneday Bcoz Hes Gonna Be So Much Bigger Than Anyone Whos Been On X Factor

Anonymous said...

I really think Austin should be higher on your list. ;)
Extremely talented singer, songwriter, instrumentalist - and very hot.
Surely he deserves to be somewhere in the top three?

I agree with your top 10, though. :}

Anonymous said...

Omg Austin Drage iss well hott, buhtt u should gihtt Aston fae jls oan that oofft, and Eughan fae the x-factor a widd lyk :P

Anonymous said...

mitch hewerrrrrrrrrrrr(L)
is unreal :)
im litterally in love with him!

elliejay (H) said...

#1 should be mitch hewer
hes a babeeeee(L)
i love him :)
hi katie!

elliejeffffffffffff said...

i love you
you tail :)

katiee ppaaaynneeeeee said...

mitch hewer should be number onee elliee ;),
i love himm too :),
lyt elliee bobb :),
youu titt headd [] ,
butt ly (L)

ellieellieellie said...

listen up bitchhhhh
your tail
stop spending
we will never get our house :)

katieekatieekatiee said...

listenn upp bitchh,
i wouldd PAY more than ourr house too gett mitchh living withh uss !;),
andd what aboutt rob walkerrrr ?,
isnt he on hereee ?!,
(L) x

ELLIE.J ! said...

you turd
it took you 3 minutes to qrite that :)
ive been writing for 2


hi hi hi katie payney ;)
sup homie
wadup dawggggggggggggggggggggg
hows it hanging
:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tehkllr said...

FAIL. You forgot Jensen Ackles and Tom Welling. YOU FAIL.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone on there is hot, but....
you missed out ;
Robert Pattinson from Twilight
A French actor called Gaspard Ulleil
Alex Pettyfer

sorry just thought i'd add them :)

Anonymous said...

wheres channing tatum and shayne west they defo shud be up there im very disappointed :(:(

Anonymous said...

austin should be top :)

Courtney Greenwood said...

Austinn Dragee All The Way Hess Soo Fit And A Grate Singaa Ii Lovee Himm He's Thaaa Bombbb... Lovee You Austin :)
And So Dose Amy But She Dont No It