Friday, 2 November 2007

Ricky Palomino

Ricky Palomino appeared as a top 20 finalist on the third season of the Fox network’s reality television series So You Think You Can Dance. His full name is Richard Marcelino Palomino II, and he started dancing as part of a physical education class at the age of 14. He began training at the age of 16 with Michelle Ceballos of the Royal Ballet, who taught him classical dance.


Later on he met Jeremy Miller, who further taught him the scientific aspects of the art, such as the anatomy and kinesiology behind dancing. When Ricky moved to New York, he studied style and choreography at the Cedar Lake Dance institution, and he classifies his techniques and dance style as contemporary.


Apart from dancing, he also works with music production software such as Logic Pro 7.2, creating musical albums that are available for download from iTunes.


He’s also an Adobe Photoshop enthusiast, loves to work out, and enjoys visiting art exhibits. Ricky has performed so far for several dance benefit events in New York, such as Dancers Responding to AIDS in 2004 and at Bryant Park in 2005. He has numerous ambitions for the next ten years, such as becoming a recording artist, an actor, and opening his own designer clothing line. Ricky was eliminated from the competition on June 14, 2007.


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