Thursday, 29 November 2007

Scott McGregor

Sometimes I come across Hot people that I don't know much about, Scott McGregor is one of them. but don't worry I will be finding out much more about him and letting you all know.

Scott McGregor, is an Australian model. He is known for working behind the scenes on the Australian Nine Network program Temptation.

Apparantly he was offered a permanent role on long time running Australian soap, Home and Away later in 2007.

He has done many private shoots for Men's Health, Cleo and Boyfriend.

He has appeared in lots of different photo shoots many for underwear companies.

Source : Photo Source fnmales


Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't post stuff about people if your facts about them aren't true. To tell you the truth, if I was scott and I looked at this site I would think you arr very much 'stalker like'!!!

Anonymous said...

how is it 'stalker like' posting about a celebrity. Isn't that what heat magazine do and all the other celebrity magazines. Its not as if someone is following him getting the information, its all taken from news articles and the web. You need to get a grip if you think a celebrity blog about hot men is 'stalker like'