Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Andrew Moss

Rhys Ashworth is a fictional character on the long-running Channel 4 English television soap opera Hollyoaks.

He is played by actor Andrew Moss.

Rhys first arrived in Hollyoaks to inspect the new family home (previously owned by the Hunters); he pulled up to the village in his flashy sports car (which his dad bought and paid for him). His parents were working and his younger siblings were in school, so it was up to Rhys to negotiate a price with the Hunters. When the family did move in, Josh and Hannah were fighting with their parents over who should get the biggest bedroom, however Rhys had already moved his stuff in and told his siblings that he would need the biggest room for when his best mate Gilly Roach came to stay.

Hollyoaks is Moss's first regular television role, though he had previously played Craig Gutteridge in the BBC drama series Cutting It, in addition to minor roles in Merseybeat, Doctors and two episodes of Coronation Street

Moss trained at the North Cheshire Theatre College, where he gained a Diploma in Drama. He also attended Sheena Simon College, where he obtained a National Diploma in Musical Theatre.


Anonymous said...

OMG andrew moss is so hot !

Anonymous said...

I was with Andrew Moss at Panic At The Disco tonight (H)

Anonymous said...

andrew moss is the fittest thing alive .... love you babey and somedai i will mett you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you sexy

Anonymous said...

andy is my claim to fame he is my cousin lucky me i get on great wth him .Dont get to see much of him anymore thou.