Sunday, 23 December 2007

Thomas Haynes

Thomas was a competitor in the 7th series of Big Brother (Australia). He was the twelfth housemate to be evicted, along with Andrew, in a double eviction

Thomas: (on his flirty behaviour) That's just who I am. I'm a flirty, kind of happy person. All of it is just a bit of a laugh and a fun time to me, it's not anything serious. I wasn't in there (the Big Brother house) looking for a relationship and I wasn't in there thinking that there was anything serious going on. For me it was just passing the time.


He's a real estate agent, a former basketball player and was evicted from the Big Brother house in day 64, sometime in later days of June, 2007.


Here is a video of him

His Interests

General  :  Sports, Real Estate, Dancing, Travel, Music.

Music    :   Anything your doing... Music makes it better! Mind Electric ROCKS!!! Generally House, Electro, Anything really. Haven't heard anything from J-Boy that I don't like yet. I am really a big fan of the whole Frisk Team and am constantly discovering more that I like. Great work guys.

Films   :  Bad boys, Swingers, Power of one, The Village, Water boy, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings... The list goes on and on.

Television   : Soprano's, House, the News

Books   :  Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.

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