Sunday, 2 December 2007

Zac Efron : High School Musical / 2

Well with the release of High School Musical 2 on DVD I thought maybe time to put up some more pictures of Zac Efron and some information on High School Musical. I still have not seen High School Musical 2 but apparantly its good.

To recap the original, for those who have been hiding in caves: Basketball star Troy (Zac Efron) and brainy newcomer Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), two high school students from rival cliques, tried out for their high school musical and fell in love. Both were teased mercilessly by their respective jock and brainiac pals. Their chief nemesis was the unfortunately named Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale), a snooty drama queen who wanted Troy to herself and the lead in the play. She got neither.

The sequel picks up in the summer after the original story, with Sharpay plotting revenge, and Troy and Gabriella still goofy for each other. Sharpay finagles a job for Troy at her father's country club to pluck him away from Gabriella, but her scheme, which includes serious bribery, wobbles when Troy arranges for his jock pals and Gabriella to work at the club, too.

While the original movie was about expanding horizons, the sequel focuses on moral integrity. As you would expect from a Disney movie, the film is squeaky clean and wholesome — and so, apparently, are its stars.

The first broadcast of the film on 17 August 2007 broke records, receiving 17.2 million viewers. This number made it the most watched basic cable telecast in history (the previous record was held by an edition of ESPN's Monday Night Football on 23 October 2006, which attracted 16 million viewers), the most-watched made-for-cable movie ever (the previous record was held by TNT's 21 January 2001 airing of Crossfire Trail, which brought in 15.5 million viewers), and the largest audience of any program on broadcast or cable in the 2007 summer television season, along with Friday nights for the past five years. Ratings for the second showing of the movie fell to 8.4 million, and the third showing fell to 7.4 million, totaling the premiere weekend to 33.04 million viewers.

In the United Kingdom, the movie became Disney Channel UK's most viewed program ever, totalling 1.2 million viewers in its first showing.

Following the premiere weekend of the film, High School Musical 2 was up 442% on IMDB's MovieMeter, which measures the popularity of films.

The film was generally well-received by critics, gaining a score of 72/100 at Metacritic. USA Today's Robert Bianco awarded the film three stars out of four, saying High School Musical 2 was "sweet, smart, bursting with talent and energy, and awash in innocence".

While critics enjoyed the film, they noted that the timing of the movie's premiere seemed odd, premiering just when school was about to start up again, while the movie's plot involved the gang going on summer vacation.

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