Sunday, 20 January 2008

James Murray

James Murray (sometimes billed as 'James Scott Murray') is a British actor, possibly best known for his roles in ‘Under the Greenwood Tree,’ and ‘Cutting It.’

Born on 22 January 1975 in Manchester, England, the son of a Scottish engineer, and great grandson of Richard Hollins Murray, the inventor of the reflecting lens, James grew up in Lancashire and Herefordshire.

He made his first screen appearance aged only 4, in 1979, in the role of infant Charlie in the BBC detective drama ‘Shoestring.’ His next brush with celebrity was three years later when as a 007-obsessed youngster his wish to meet James Bond was granted on the Jim’ll Fix It show. He must therefore have been in seventh heaven when he later co-starred alongside ex Bond Timothy Dalton in the 2006 ITV Miss Marple drama, 'The Sittaford Mystery,' and describes the experience as “a big thrill.”

With the instant success of 'Primeval,' and a role in a new film, reportedly shot in Bulgaria in the spring of 2007, it appears that James' is very much on the rise, and his increasing number of fans worldwide look forward to many more screen appearances to come.


Kimbara said...

Dear Daedal,
Please get in touch with me via the Myspace profile regarding the biography you have posted in this blog.

Anonymous said...

'James Scott Murray' is another actor entirely...the info at IMBd is wrong on several counts. Otherwise, great to see another entry for James, he is just too hot for words.