Monday, 9 June 2008

Shia Labeouf

I still haven't seen the new Indiana Jones movie, I will get round to it  soon.  Just been really busy.

shai labeoufshai labeouf1

SHIA LaBEOUF credits ANGELINA JOLIE's father JON VOIGHT with his acting success - insisting he doubted his future in Hollywood before befriending the veteran star.


The 21-year-old co-starred with Voight in 2003's Holes - the movie credited with shooting the Indiana Jones star into the Hollywood big time.  And Voight's words of wisdom led to the young actor to fall back in love with his craft - and insists he "loves" Voight for his kind approach.


LaBeouf says, "I guess he saw a kid who needed something that he could provide, which was guidance, a male figure, all of that, education. Jon showed me that there was so much to strive for.  "It all just started being very emotional for me and I fell in love with the title 'actor'.   He adds, "He's just a great friend. He's a loving man. I love that guy."

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Anonymous said...

judging from the "hat hint" at the end of the most recent Indiana Jones, Shia LaBeouf might be the next Indy