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Supernatural: The Winchesters vs. a Giant Teddy Bear?

There have been plenty of strange creatures on Supernatural over the years.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have faced a scarecrow, a Wendigo, Bloody Mary, vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters, amongst other oddities.  The Winchester brothers have defeated them all, but how will they fare against a seven-foot-tall, talking teddy bear?  Backstage at the San Diego Comic-Con, creator Eric Kripke revealed that fans may soon find out.  The mastermind behind the CW series was excited to discuss other upcoming episodes, and also commented on whether he really plans to end the show after its fifth season.  Read on for all the details, but beware that there are minor spoilers for season 4 of Supernatural.


In an interview with, Kripke revealed some of the exciting adventures the Winchesters will get into in season 4.  "The third episode is a completely black-and-white throwback to the Universal monster movies of the '30s, so that'll be cool," he said.  "The fourth episode is a time travel episode where they go back and meet their parents when they were younger.  And we just came up with this episode; Ben Edlund is writing it, it's like insane on a level that is even for us insane, where a town has a wishing well and everyone's wishes are coming true.  There may or may not be a seven-foot-tall, talking teddy bear in it, we're not sure yet."

Note to Kripke: Once you tease a seven-foot-tall, talking teddy bear, you have to deliver it.  One creature that viewers definitely won't be seeing is a chupacabra, but only because it'd be too difficult to bring to the screen.  "Dude, we can't afford a chupacabra unless the chupacabra looks like a person who says, ‘I'm a chupacabra,'" Kripke joked.  "We learned really early, after the Wendigo episode, don't mount creatures you can't afford to produce.  They're just gonna look stupid.  Do it well or don't do it, is the plan.  That's why there have been no chupacabras, that's why our werewolves have yellow eyes and fangs and are otherwise human.  Every so often there's off-camera references to the chupacabra two states over and that's where'll they live."

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of
There will probably be plenty of awesome creatures viewers never get a chance to see, partially due to the budget, but also because Kripke plans to end the show after season 5.  "I think no one believes me, but I really feel like that would be a favor to the fans," he said.  "Better to have, ‘wow that was great and what a satisfying ending' rather than literally jumping sharks and bringing in Raven-Symone to play the cute, little, adopted orphan and weddings in Hawaii ... Never say never I guess, [but] at this point Jensen, Jared and my contracts are all up at year five, and I'd rather just go out bold."

After admitting that strike-afflicted season 3 is probably his least favorite season, Kripke went on to rave about the upcoming episodes.  "I think we've got a exciting season in store.  We're doing what we want to do and we're doing it without compromise.  I'm excited for the fans.  They might say, ‘Kripke's gone total bat-sh*t and it's terrible,' but I'm entertained by it.  It's something I like and so we'll see if everyone else likes it, and if not … well, go watch Grey's [Anatomy].”

Supernatural season 4 kicks off on September 18. In the US

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