Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Jonas Brothers

"Music on Red Bull." Without hesitating, that's how 17-year-old Kevin Jonas describes the hyper-adrenalized sounds he's created with his two brothers, 13-year-old Nicholas and 16-year-old Joseph, on the Jonas Brothers' debut album, It's About Time. And it's no wonder since the boys' influences include an eclectic mix of artists ranging from the Ramones to the Jackson 5 to The Modern Lovers--all purveyors of tight, catchy anthems. One thing is for sure, the Jonas Brothers are all ready to keep the momentum going strong. "We go crazy on stage!" says Kevin. "It's so much fun!"

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The oldest, Kevin, who plays guitar and sings backing vocals, was home sick one day when he found a guitar and a "Teach Yourself Guitar" book lying around the house. "I spent the next three days learning how to play the basic chords," Kevin remembers. "That was about four years ago."

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Nicholas, who shares lead vocals with Joseph in the group, began singing as soon as he could talk. "From the time I was two years old, I would wake up in the morning and start singing all the time, every second of the day," he says. Nicholas, whose voice has been compared to that of previous prodigies Stevie Wonder and Taylor Hanson, was "discovered" singing while getting his hair cut in a local barbershop. His poignant voice caught the attention of a woman in the shop who immediately referred him to a professional show business manager.

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Joseph's original plan, however, was slightly different than his brothers. He first dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to audition for sketch comedy shows. "But I was always attached to music and loved listening to different kinds of music, especially rock," he says.



Stephen Chapman said...

I would be surprised if these guys have ANYTHING to do with the performance and production of the "music"! Strange thing is, I am pretty sure that this type of clean-cut pre-packaged group wont work here in the UK.

My view...

Anonymous said...

The Jonas Brother's may be pre-packaged, but look at the impact they have had!! They have only been around for a year or two. It's amazing what Disney can do for you!!

Anonymous said...

omg i LOVEEE thee jonas brothers! they do so work in the uk cause not only are they amazing but there supa-de-dupa fitties =D

Anonymous said...

Stephen C, Sorry you are wrong. They write and choregraph their on songs and stage shows. Most of the songsare written by Nick.