Monday, 26 January 2009

John Bonavia

John Bonavia, born 1983, in District of Columbia, USA, is an American model.


Bonavia tried his hands at acting in mostly short films such as "Best Friend", a NYU student short film based on two roomates that live together in New York; and "Pardon Me", another NYU student short film directed by Flora Kwong.


In 2008, Bonavia decided to move to the Los Angeles area to push himself even more with acting and also modeling. He had tons of photographers saying he had what it takes and friends saying he was meant for this. Mostly he needed change. At first it was way too much and he felt like every casting call he went to there was at least a hundred people in every line. But he persevered and finally landed his first film in the independent horror slasher, "Frat House Massacre" playing the role of Roger.

JohnBonavia2 JohnBonavia3

His life goal is to appear in a major motion picture, host a TV show, and newscasting.


A natural athlete, Bonavia enjoys baseball, basketball, body surfing, karate and skateboarding. He's also into hip-hop.

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