Thursday, 29 January 2009

Matt Clifton

Matt James Clifton was born 22nd of November 1986, into a small country town of Tullamore, New South Wales, Australia, having no more than two hundred people. Was the youngest of four boys. Matt was raised and brought through the hardships of the land, bearing the drought year after year until being enrolled into a boarding college in senior high.

Matt James Clifton1 Matt James Clifton2

It was from here that he began to unfold into an on-stage naturalist. Performing in many stage shows within the local community and also competing at regional levels. Here he won an award for 'Best New Talent' at the regional Theaters.

Matt James Clifton3 Matt James Clifton4
Upon graduation Matt ventured to the shores of Sydney to embark on a journey towards his dreams in acting. He landed a number of TV commercials, some including 'Samsung Mobile', 'Netflix', and 'Nutri-Grain'.

Matt James Clifton5

Also making guest appearances on an ABC Kids show, 'Blue Water High'. Matt's first small break was to be when he secured Lead Host on 'Kidz Biz' but remorsefully turned down the role when given the chance to move to Hollywood.

Matt James Clifton6

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