Friday, 16 January 2009

Shane Harper

Shane Harper has a passion for music early on. Raised in Irvine, California, he began playing the guitar and piano when he was 9. He is always full of energy and, in fact, has a black belt in Kempo Karate which he got at age 13. He also likes taking walks with his family, riding his bike, and hanging out in coffee shops. Shane’s dancing career, meanwhile, started when he was discovered at a local competition.

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Shane is part of a group called the Nick 6, featured in the Nickelodeon dance show Dance on Sunset . Led by topnotch choreographer Tony Testa, each week, the Nick 6 performs a routine designed by Testa himself. These routines are specifically made for kids who have little or no dancing experience. The Nick 6 repeats the routine slowly throughout the episode so the kids watching can follow.

shane harper

Prior to being discovered, Shane has trained in ballet, hip-hop, lyrical jazz, and tap. Yet since being discovered, Shane has landed a variety of dance roles, such as the lead dancer in the music video for “Step Up” with Samantha Jade, a principal dancer in High School Musical 2, a dancer in Cartoon Network’s Reanimated, and the dancing competition Dance Revolution.

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