Monday, 1 June 2009

Chace Crawford Pairs Up with Leona Lewis

Chace Crawford is adding another role to his resumé.   The Gossip Girl heartthrob stars in singer Leona Lewis's video for her single, "I Will Be," which was filmed in New York City.

"He has speaking lines in the video as well as just appearing in it,"

chace crawford3
So how did the seemingly unlikely pair both are 23, though she was born in London and he, in Texas  come together?

chace crawford
"Chace went to London a couple months ago for meetings and to promote Gossip Girl. He went to a party and ended up meeting Leona," the source reveals.

chace crawford1
The two "hit it off and talk every once in a while and have become fast friends," the source adds.

The result? "A couple weeks ago Leona called Chace and asked if he would be in her next video. He obviously said yes."

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