Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Supernatural shocker: Major character killed off in new season

SUPERNATURAL is a show that has a habit of taking characters to the very edge of death, if not far beyond, before yanking them back for a bit more demon-slaying.

Supernatural duo

So it shouldn't cause more than a raised eyebrow of interest to know that showrunner Eric Kripke and his minions kill off a major character in the first episode of the new season.

And to be fair to Kripke, he doesn't really kill this character off as we're fairly sure that to do that, the character had to have been alive to begin with...


If you don't want to know who it is, how they wind up with one of their teeth in Chuck the Prophet's hair, or indeed how they come back down to earth then don't look down...

Because if you do then you'll see Jimmy's trademark mac splattered with the remains of Castiel's meat-suit (minus the aforesaid molar).

Eagle-eyed viewers will recall in the season four finale that Castiel and Chuck the Prophet nervously awaited the arrival of the archangel after our favourite godly accountant helped Dean get back to his brother's side.


At the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, Castiel's other meat-suit, actor Misha Collins, may have been taking his preparation for the role a little too far when he revealed that he had recently come off his bike at 55mph, requiring him to finish his journey in an ambulance:

When asked: "So you're being a method actor since Castiel was basically destroyed at the end of last season?", he responded: "Exactly, I wanted to know what that felt like."

While no-one has yet revealed exactly how Castiel makes it back into one piece, he achieves it somehow because a couple of episodes into the season Dean decides it's time he got his favourite angel dirty and takes him to a strip joint to loosen him up.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of "Supernatural"

Assuming he doesn't take him there in a bag, it's a safe bet then that Castiel - and Collins - gets put back together somehow. And you just know there won't be a mark on that damned mac...

Collins is now very much part of a growing ensemble cast: "I have a seat with my name on it, which is nice".

The show still relies heavily on its two leads, Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) - a fact that has often led them to complain of little or no time off during the gruelling nine-month shooting schedule.

However the increasing popularity of show regulars Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and Castiel (Collins) as well as the reintroduction of some old favourites including Ellen (Samantha Ferris) and Anna (Julie McNiven) means there should be a great deal more for the boys to interact with. Or shoot.

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