Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Craig Gazey unsure of Corrie exit plot, Some soap news, because we can! and he’s cute in a strange sort of cute way.

Coronation Street star Craig Gazey has admitted that he is not yet certain of how his character Graeme Proctor will depart the soap.

Craig Gazey1

The actor announced his decision to leave the role of Graeme at the beginning of the year and his final scenes will air in May.

Craig Gazey3

Reports have speculated that Graeme's exit could tie in with his forthcoming plan to stage a sham wedding with newcomer Xin (Elizabeth Tan), allowing her to stay in the country once her student visa has expired.

Craig Gazey

Speaking to Inside Soap about Graeme's plan to help Xin - which is hatched in collaboration with his girlfriend Tina - Gazey explained: "They're going to have to be very careful over the next few weeks - but I can't really say whether this is what leads up to my going.

Craig Gazey2

"I love my character and have had the most amazing journey with Graeme, so I feel sad to be leaving him behind - but I'm excited about the future.

"I think there are a couple of plots on the table to do with Graeme's leaving story. So I'm not 100% sure which way it's going to go for him yet."

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