Sunday, 24 January 2016

Celebrity Big Brother UK - Hotties

Well I'm sure you are all aware Celebrity Big Brother this year is by far the most exciting and fun version for years.  The drama is rather entertaining.   Scotty T or Jeremy ?

Scotty T is by far the more fun of the two boys, and as Megan has gone he might be even more fun and less loved up, which didn't make for the best viewing.

Jeremy well he's a bit of a mug for falling for Stephanie and can't see how much he is being used. How silly is it to still think she likes him when she said she wanted to marry her boyfriend!  You can obviously see why he is a model.  Not sure about his tattoo's but no doubt he's hot.

Got to mention Darren Day while we are here.  For a 47 year old he still has the looks.

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