Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Alex Pettyfer / Dougie Poynter

 Random hot man of the day is Alex Pettyfer, hes actually a local boy to me, he starred as Alex Rider in the film Stormbreaker.

  Isn't he hot ? And who says English Guys can't be hot.

Alex is rumoured to be in the next Mummy film, Mummy 3, hopefully he will be.  Alex also apparantly turned down the role in Eragon which was later played by Edward Speelers.


Dougie Poynter

We have had a hot film star so how about a hot pop star.  Of course another British one, as british men are so hot.  Here is Dougie Poynter from the pop group McFly


McFly is one of the most popular british pop groups, with lots of hit singles and hit albums they are definately not a group that has been a one hit wonder.  For those of you that have never heard McFly here is a video of one of their songs.  All the band members are hot, and I am bound to post images of them all over the coming months.

This video is a cover of Don't Stop Me Now, recorded for Sports Relief in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Dougie is the hottest man alive

Anonymous said...

I hope he is gay, for my sake. I can't think of anyone I love more. He is so sexy.