Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Henry Cavill

Cavill was born in Jersey, and was educated at St. Michael's Preparatory School in the Island, before attending Stowe School, a boarding school, where he acted in many plays.


Cavill has appeared in several films, including 2002's acclaimed The Count of Monte Cristo, the dramatic I Capture the Castle (2003), experimental musical comedy Red Riding Hood (2004), an "edgy" Hellraiser: Hellworld in (2005), and the 2006 film version of Tristan & Isolde.


In spite of his youth, Henry Cavill has already come extremely close to playing the leading man in three major films. Henry Cavill auditioned for the lead role in Batman Begins. For a while it looked like he may have won the cape, but then lost the crusade to Christian Bale. In 2005, he became the younger contender for the role of James Bond, and performed in a final screentest of the movie icon. The producers and director were torn between Cavill, Daniel Craig, and Sam Worthington. Apparently the director wanted Henry Cavill as a younger version of James Bond, roving about the parlors in Casino Royale. It turns out the producers believed Cavill too young for the role, which went to Daniel Craig.


He also auditioned for the role of Superman for the project that after many writers and directors eventually became Superman Returns, and was reportedly under heavy consideration before the October 2004 casting of Brandon Routh. In the December 05 edition of Empire Magazine, he was dubbed "...the most unlucky man in Hollywood". A resilient Henry Cavill stepped beyond the pale of circumstance, to say that the publicity brings his name out.


Cavill landed a leading role in the Showtime series The Tudors (2007), and a minor part in the fantasy film Stardust (2007), and, more recently, was featured in Vanity Fair's Hollywood's Next-Gen Men article.

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