Saturday, 8 December 2007

Adam Levine

Adam Noah Levine (born 18 March 1979) is an American musician; he is the lead singer and guitarist for the pop group Maroon 5.

I'm not 100% certain on whether I would class him as hot, but hes definately not bad.  And I know lots of people will say hes hot.

Born in Los Angeles, California to Patsy Noah and Fred Levine, he has one brother, Michael, a stepsister, Julia, and two half siblings, Sam and Liza. His stepmother and father own two fashion stores geared toward men; because of this, Levine claims he's always been ahead of the fashion curve. In 2005, he and Ryan Seacrest of American Idol attended the inauguration of M. Fredric MAN, his parents' second store, in Studio City. Levine's background is Jewish.

Levine attended the private Brentwood School, where he met the original members of the band Kara's Flowers: Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick. On his first day at Brentwood School, Levine met the third member of Maroon 5, Mickey Madden. Levine is noted as describing Mickey as a "musical encyclopedia" and it is thought that Levine's influence played a major role in Madden acquiring his first bass guitar soon after.

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