Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Gary Phelan

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Gary Phelan was born in Cramlington, Northumberland, in 1982. In 2003, Gary became a contestant in the BBC's Fame Academy 2, being voted out about half-way through.

He is currently still touring around the country, but has not made it big.  You can listen to some of his songs on his myspace page.


Gary says he has always adored music and performing and started playing the piano at the age of nine. As a little boy Gary produced mini fashion shows for his parents, where he'd dress up in super hero costumes and choreograph routines! Gary says he loves singing in front of an audience - just give him a mike and watch the magic happen!


Music isn't his only love, though. Gary's hobbies include kickboxing and basketball and going to see lots of indie gigs, but he hates giant spiders. Gary's musical inspirations are Robbie Williams and Lenny Kravitz, but he's also a fan of Oasis, Stereophonics and U2.

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