Saturday, 8 December 2007

Leon Jackson

Well its a Saturday night and X-Factor will be on later, not that I will be about to watch it.

Anyway there isn't really any major hot talent in this series, although I have to admit Leon Jackson is not bad.  Don't see what the big deal is about Rhydian, I don't think he is hot at all, maybe I should watch it more he may grow on me.

Now as Leon has only appeared on X-Factor images of him are few and far between.  But I have posted a few for you all to look at.

Age: 18    From: West Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom
Job: Sales Assistant in Gap

History:    Leon is an only child and has been bought up by his Mum in West Lothian. His Mum has struggled financially to bring him up and Leon is desperate to win to give them both a better life. Leon only started singing properly in January after his mum bought him an ipod and he started recording his voice.

His friends were so impressed with his voice that they dragged him down to karaoke every week and he’s not looked back! Leon loves contemporary jazz and his influences are Michael Buble and Jamie Callum. Apart from his keen hobby of karate (black belt), Leon says that singing is the only thing that makes him happy. If he hadn’t got through to the finals Leon would be starting University to do an Architectural Technology course.


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Anonymous said...

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