Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Valerio Zeno

Valerio Zeno was born on January 2nd 1984 in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. His parents are of Italian decent but moved to Holland soon enough for the little bambino to be born in Holland to grow up as a real down to earth, little crazy, typical Dutch guy.

valerio zeno

Valerio finished his high school career but right after he graduated, he focused on presenting. But since that wasn't moving fast enough he fell to his back up plan. Camera-man. Before that could happen, he studied photography for 2 years until he was allowed to hold a camera. But after a year he learned he also had to take up a study science in order to find work as a camera-man. Since that would not work for Valerio, he gave it up. But he never quit believing in his dream and started working in Aalsmeer as a camera-assistant.

valerio zeno1

After 3 and a half years he finally found the job he always wanted. He became a camera-man for the Dutch TV show Big Brother. Even though he had always wanted to be a camera-man, it was his back up. Presenting was always his passion. At the Dutch TV channel Veronica they organized a talent show. He entered and won the talent show but it didn't secure him a job. SBS broadcasting did see something in him and Valerio landed his first presenting job.

valerio zeno2

He starred in the show 'Six Pack' broadcast by SBS 6. The program was a real life show with 6 hosts who would perform crazy tasks. Valerio had 2, by his own saying, amazing years on the show. Anything you could think of, they'd do it. After those 2 years he thought a change would be good for his career. He send a tape to TMF. The Music Factory. A Dutch music channel. Nowadays he's the host on that channel for several shows. He co-hosts the show ReAction and Scoots & Helmets with his colleague Nikkie Plessen and started his own shows Wakker Worden Met Valerio and Valerio's Dating Show. In Wakker Worden Met Valerio he spend a few weeks on the street, trying to get a new place to sleep each night with a task for Valerio in exchange. Next to presenting, Valerio has found a new thing in his life. Acting. He landed his first movie role in the movie Alles is liefde (2007). Some call it the Dutch Love Actually.

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valerio is a real nice cool guy. i really enjoy seeing him on tv