Thursday, 3 April 2008

Doctor Who / General Chatting

Well I actually have the day of today so you have the pleasure of more than one post from me lol.   The new season of Doctor Who starts on Saturday 5th April at 6.20pm on BBC1.  I must admit its not a series I am looking forward to, Catherine Tate just annoys me.   David Tennant is hot though, and theres bound to be some decent other characters, so I shall probably watch it.

david_tennant david_tennant1

As it's my day off I have been browsing the net and basically not doing that much, haven't you noticed how most blogs just repeat the same old rubbish time and time again.


I wanted to do some random pictures, but couldn't decide what.  So I just decided to post some pics of hot chef's.

naked_chef naked_chef2

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