Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Alex Wotherspoon

As I sit here watching The Apprentice, I decided to post a bit more about Alex Wotherspoon, actually I mean some pictures that are not that widely published.

alex wotherspoon2

Age: 24
Career: Regional Sales Manager
Qualifications: BA Managerial Administrative Studies at Aston Business School
Lives: Bolton

Alex claims his 'communication skills are second to none'.

Freeloaders and social loafers annoy Alex, who boxes and ballroom dances in his free time.

His first job was selling horse manure with his brother to make enough money to go travelling to the Greek Isles for a month. They later expanded the business supplying to garden centres.

alex wotherspoon1

Alex is incredibly accident prone - he has punctured a lung, broken ribs, shattered his knuckles, severed his voice box, broken fingers and dislocated his jaw.
He says: “I give 100% all the way. I always speak my mind.”

alex wotherspoon

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Kai Santorino said...

Hawtness.... who is this guy anyway