Thursday, 1 May 2008

Exclusive Interview : DJ Scotty Thomson

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1.   Your not a typical DJ, you said about yourself 'I sometimes spin in a Speedo', You also have a varied taste in music, do you feel because your not a 'typical' DJ that you can be more daring with your music than most other DJ's tend to ?

Absolutely, and that has been a goal of mine.  I strive to bring uniqueness to my sets.  I like to show people that DJ'ing is more than just playing songs.  I think that mixing different music and introducing varying genre's makes the party interesting, exciting and inspiring.  At this point in my career, I think that people come to expect these "curveballs" in my sets.  The whole speedo thing has been blown way out of proportion because of the many photo shoots I've done.  Yet, at the same time I like for people to hear my message that I like to take risks and I'm not a reclusive DJ.

2. One thing I always ask, so I'm getting it out of the way early in the interview.  Do you have any pets?  If so what are they?  If you don't, what would you like?

Yes, I do.  Actually, I'm glad you asked, because I'm slightly obsessed with my pet(s).  I guess they are not traditional pets, but I have a salt water aquarium.  Not just fish, but corals, anemones, crabs, snails and clams.  In a few days I'm purchasing an Octopus.

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3.  Where do you see your career taking you?  Big European DJ's tend to hit the same sort of circuit in Europe, i.e ibiza, holland etc,  Is that something you would like to do?  Or do you have other plans for your career progression?

I try not to speculate.  My focus is on becoming the best DJ I can possibly be.  I try to limit my appearances to parties where I think my sound will be widely accepted.  Obviously, for job security, I hope to secure more and more regular appearances.  Europe is a big focus of mine.  The party scene over there is still exploding and I believe that the European crowds are more accepting and open to edgy DJ's like myself.  Beyond that I'm working on the production aspect and I'm hoping to start a label which features gay DJ's who "think outside the box".

4.  Where is the most exciting place you have ever performed?  and why?

I have to say that DJ'ing in Brazil is my favorite.  They have an energy that is exciting and inspiring.  I've played in Rio many times and always absolutely LOVE that city.  Yet, now that I've played in other cities like Sao Paulo and Brasilia, I find that the energy is the same all over the country.  It reminds me of when I first started going out in NYC in the 90's.  Although, I have to say that Moscow was pretty damn exciting as well ;-)


5.  If you were given the choice of DJ'ing anywhere in the world, where would you want to DJ?

Excluding places I've already been to...I'm dying to spin in Berlin

6.  Lot's of people doing a 9-5 job get bored with the same old thing, as a DJ, even though it has to be more exciting that a typical office or shop job, do you ever get them 'I don't feel like working today' days? fact, some days I miss my corporate career.  Most of the time 9to5 is very cut and dry. When you leave the office, you can forget about work.  For a DJ the pressure is 24/7.  I'm always worrying about my upcoming shows, prospective gigs, money and the hours I have to spend finding new music.  Even though I travel to many exotic and exciting places, sometimes I need a vacation from what many perceive as the wonderful, playboy kind of life that a DJ leads.  Next week I'm taking my boyfriend to the Cayman Islands.  It may sound strange, but I can't wait to check into my flight without my records and CD's.


7.  Have you ever come on to do a DJ set after a DJ who is obviously not that good?  If so how did you get the crowd worked up so they forget the previous DJ and just enjoyed you?

Yes, that has happened many times.  It's quite overwhelming, because many people don't pay attention to when the DJ's switch.  They just assume that it's the one DJ on the flyer.  Therefore, I always try to create some sort of dramatic break so everyone looks up and says..OK here we go for the real party!!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these few questions.  Anything you want to say to your fans, while your here!

Looking forward to seeing you into the distant future!!!

DJ Scotty Thomson has his own website so you can keep up to date with what he is doing


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