Friday, 9 May 2008

Supernatural Season 4 and 5? Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki

My favourite subject of course is Supernatural.  So lets chat about the future.  Well Season 3 is still being shown in most countries, but its getting to the end of the Season in the US, so that means Season 4 is being talked about.

supernatural pic03

The CW recently gave Supernatural an early renewal, which means Season 4 has been confirmed and will be filmed ready for a late 2008 / Early 2009 Release, way to early to confirm dates yet.

 Supernatural 2x20 0196

As for Season 5 of Supernatural. Eric Kripke has said “Yes, there is certainly more to explore,” Kripke said.  “But we sort of have this five-year map.  And Jared and Jensen like the idea of a five-year map because we work them so hard.  It's possible, but I don't know…But a lot of these issues are beyond my control at the corporate level with ratings, etc.  But my personal feeling is that I still want to go out in year five.  It's better to go out strong and on top than to be 8 or 9 years into a piece of sh*t.  You want conclusions… you want to end it.  It's an epic story and epic stories deserve a good ending.”



Unknown said...

Guys, I love this show it's awesome to me, I am a huge huge fan of bouth of the charactors and of caurse I have to admit that this is the most fucking awesome shit movie I love it and don't fucking ruin it or I'll come ower than and rape you all!! and I mean it!!

Anonymous said...

I loved what Eric Kripke said about "going out strong"! I hope the fifth season will be the last, and have blast ending :)