Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Supernatural Season 4

Season 4 is coming soon, October in the US and January in the UK. Here is a little run down of the new season.

supernatural magazine

We're joining up with the Winchester boys four months after we saw Dean hanging from chains in that blistering-hot place run by that dude Beelzebub (aka hell). Too bad for Dean, though, as hell seems to run in dog years. So what's on deck for these poor, miserable souls? Nothing good... Over the first half of the season, we will learn what Sam did while he was by himself and what Dean endured in hell. "Sam's turning a little reckless now that his brother is dead," Jared revealed.


And during his four months alone, Sam has cut off contact with everyone and has become wildly suicidal in his hunting attempts. The boys used to have an open relationship, but "now they have secrets from each other," dished Kripke. The good news? If you're looking for that great (smartass) Dean charm, Jensen reassured us: "He's still the same shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy, but he's trying to figure out how he got back from hell." So it looks like Dean's mystery will be a large focus this year.


Kripke added, "The big question is not does he get out, but how he got out." A.J. Buckley, Travis Wester and Brittany Ishibashi showed up to the Comic-Con panel, so you'd better believe we're going to see more of the Ghostfacers in the future. Said Kripke, "We're always looking for ways to bring the Ghostfacers back in the actual series... We're working on some new material, either webisodes, potentially cell phone content or basically an off-network Ghostfacers' series." [...] Nicki Aycox will be returning for at least one episode to reprise her role as Meg Masters. Also, we'll get more John and Mary Winchester.


Still, fellow Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans, don't get too excited-we're going to be seeing them at age 18, when the lovebirds met. Looks like this is the season of individuality; Sam and Dean aren't going to be as close.

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