Saturday, 17 January 2009

2008 10 Hottest Men

Who are the 10 Hottest Men of 2008, well based purely on most talked about on here or my other sites, I can base the Top 10 purely on what I think are the Top 10.

No 1 Jared Padalecki (Last Years No 3)

 jaredbuff Jared Padalecki

Foto: Tatiana / Lamoine / Hollandse Hoogte


No 2 Christian Cooke

christian cooke Demons_0003_thumb3

No 3 Jensen Ackles

 jensen_ackles_03 jensen_ackles_04

No 4 Robert Pattinson

55043336 Ziegfeld Theatre

No 5 William Moseley

william_moseley-12 william moseley

No 6 Mitch Hewer (Last Years No 2)

 mitch hewer mitch-hewer-cosmo-long

No 7 Justin Timberlake (Last Years No 1)

 Justin Timberlake6 justin_timberlake_record

No 8 Brian Levy

brian levy2 brian levy4

No 9 Matt Lanter

matt lanter1 matt lanter11

No 10 Fernando Torres

fernando torres1 fernando torres3

I’m surprised that only 3 last years Top 10 are featured this year.

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