Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christian Cooke

Well it hasn’t been that long since we mentioned Demons the new ITV Drama, well here are some screencaps of Christian Cooke from the first episode.

Demons_0001 Demons_0003



As you can see we see quite a bit of flesh from Christian, hopefully this contains through the series.




Stephen Chapman said...

I saw the programme and it was OK. ITV is not renowned for its drama any more.

They did seem to get him to take his short off at every opportunity - I am not complaining though!


Unknown said...

rose2506I watched the first episode... and OMG what a load of Cheese!!!!
I wont bother again...i will stick with things like supernatural...

Anonymous said...

Good god, the show was dire. Great idea, great cast, poorly done. dissapointment

I still might watch it if similar scenes are set to crop up again, though, hehe. It was the ONLY thing that got me watching the first episode!