Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sergey Lazarev

Singer and actor Sergey Lazarev started his career when he was younger than 10, singing in Lokteus Children Choir. From this point on, music has never stopped being the most important thing in his life.

When he was 14, he was already receiving his first musical award, won in several children's song contests, and ended up in a very popular Neposedi (Непоседы), same band where Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina of t.A.T.u met each other, and also his cousin and former partner, Vlad Topalov(Влад Топалов). In 2000, Sergey entered Moscow famous Mkhat Theatre School and graduated in 2004 as a professional actor.

sergey lazarev
Being a student, Sergey started playing main parts in Pushkinski Theatres Romeo and Juliet and Karamazov. At the same time, together with his childhood friend Vlad, Sergey started a boy-duet Smash!! That is shortly after was signed by Universal Music Russia and became one of the brightest Russian pop-wonders in 2002–2003. 5 #1 hits, numbers of award and millions of copies sold in Russia, CIS and South East Asia (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and so on), was a result of a short duets career. The boys spilt up in 2004 only one week after release of their second album.

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Sergey began to record his solo album in 2005, also coming back to theatre scene which he left in 2003 because of bands packed schedule. Together with British producer Brian Rawling, Sergey recorded most of the songs for his debut Don't Be Fake that was released in November 2005 and sold instantly more than 300 000 copies in Russia alone. As for theatre life, his part in Broadway-style musical comedy borrow a tenor brought him 5 professional theater awards, making the play biggest succeed of 2005 theatre season.

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Also in May 2006 Sergey received Russian national Music TV Channels MUZ TV award as best new act, and 4th single from the album, tittle song fake was released to clubs in UK, debuting on July 30th at #28 in commercial club chart in music week.
Album TV SHOW was published in Europe in 2007. This was a theme-album talking about TV shows and reality by mostly love ballads. Shattered Dreams was in this album together with 11 other songs like Everytime and so on.

sergey lazarev4
His single Shattered Dreams was released in the UK and is now available on some online music stores.

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