Saturday, 10 January 2009

Tyson Ritter

Born April 24, 1984 in Stillwater, Oklahoma    Height  5' 11"  (180 cm)  Eye Color  Blue  Hair Color Brown – Dark   Star Sign  Taurus

tyson ritter2

Tyson on Stillwater:"Stillwater was actually perfect for us.It pretty much screams unexcitement. The only thing you can do here is drink beer, have sex or write music."

tyson ritter

How He Joined The Band:He saw them performing at a party and had to join them.They need a bass player,so he volunteered. The only thing was, he'd never played a bass in his life. "I went right out, got a bass and learned how to play it," Ritter reports. "I stayed inside the whole time during Christmas break until I could come out and join the band."

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Tyson On Fame:"Yeah, and everybody who moves out to L.A. gets that Hollywood thing in their blood, and their second record always sounds like shit.And if we end up there,we take it back."

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