Monday, 16 March 2009

Chris Austad

Chris Austad is from Bellflower, California. His credits includes: Abercrombie & Fitch, and he's also appeared in NBC's Fear Factor. He was the winner for the Models Fear Factor challenge.

Chris Austad1

Excerpt from Fear Factor interview
What stunt was the most challenging for you and why?
The last stunt, the water stunt. The pressure inside the cylinder and at the bottom of the pool was so intense. I felt like my ear drums and lungs were bruised for a few days, but luckily in the moment I was focused on winning and I got paid.

Chris Austad2 Chris Austad3

Did you have any phobias going into the competition?
Yeah. I'm scared of being burnt to death. And I also hate snakes and spiders.

Chris Austad4

Other than winning, what was the best part about your Fear Factor experience?
Being able to do these stunts for free. People pay to skydive and bungy jump and pay money for the adrenaline rush, while not only did I get to do it for free but also had the chance to win money.

Chris Austad5

What will you do with the $50,000?
It's a down payment on a condo that I bought. Also, I am sharing some of it with my family and my girl.

Chris Austad6

Do you think people's expectations of models will change after seeing your show?
People might think models are all looks with nothing to back it up. A lot of us fell into the profession, but we are also athletes and students and people with additional career goals. This show proves that its not just a pretty face.

Chris Austad7

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