Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britains' Got Talent – Final

Well I didn’t watch the Final it was a Saturday so I was out partying, but I must admit I am impressed that Diversity won, and Susan Boyle didn’t.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Gods of Football DVD Released in North America

Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar was released on May 19th by Ariztical Entertainment and is available everywhere, including Netflix.  You can get a copy direct from Amazon in most countries Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

DanielConnGodsofFootball DavidWilliams2GodsofFootbal
More than 40 of Australia’s sexiest pro rugby players got “Naked for a Cause” and posed for the 2009 Gods of Football charity calendar.  A video crew was there for every hot minute of the photo shoots.

Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar DVD goes behind-the-scenes and on location as these young, Hollywood-handsome jocks star in some of the hottest images ever!  Gods of Football raises awareness and funds for The McGrath Foundation.

MichaelWittGodsofFootball NickYoungquestGodsofFootbal
The DVD brings to life the stunning, iconic calendar images. Hot, sexy sports stars baring it all for breast cancer research!   These men are The Gods of Football!


DVD will be released in Europe on July 27, 2009

Gods of Football North America:
Gods of Football (Australia/Worldwide):

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Son’s of Anarchy

Who’s been watching this new series then? Well for American viewers the 1st series has finished.  But for those in United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Thailand, Isreal and Norway the first season is currently being shown.

The Sons of Anarchy is an outlaw motorcycle club with many charters in the United States. The Charming local is the original founding charter of the Sons of Anarchy

charlie humman1

The family drama is loosely based on Shakespeare's Hamlet;indeed, star Ron Perlman has said, "I'm sure they’re going to stick to the structure of Hamlet all the way to the end" of the series. Clay is based on the role of King Claudius and Gemma as a Gertrude figure. Jax stands in for Prince Hamlet himself; his reflective questioning of the SOA culture, brought on by the birth of his son, references Hamlet's melancholy over the death of the king. Additionally, Jax "communicates" with his dead father by way of his late father's unpublished journal/manuscript; Hamlet, of course, literally communicates with the ghost of his father.


The drama and characterizations are also enhanced by drawing on Macbeth, another Shakespeare tragedy. Katey Sagal's Gertrude-like Gemma resembles Lady Macbeth because—while it is never entirely clear from Hamlet how complicit Queen Gertrude is in the murder of Hamlet's father—it is obvious that Gemma has willingly participated in the cover-up of the death and may even have encouraged Clay in his treachery. Creator Sutter has said of the Shakespeare element, "I don't want to overplay that but it's there. It was Jax's father who started the club, so he's the ghost in the action. You wonder what he would have made of the way it turned out. It's not a version of Hamlet but it's definitely influenced by it."


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Zac Efron to Star in Action Film

“17 Again” actor Zac Efron is said to be signing on to play a role in action movie “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud”.


The name of the character, which he will portray, is still unknown though. Additionally, the 21-year-old hottie reportedly will fly to Vancouver, Canada this summer for filming the flick.

“The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” is made based on Ben Sherwood’s novel with the same title. Directed by Burr Steers and produced by Marc Platt in association with Paramount Pictures, the film is set to be released in U.S. theaters in 2010.

The story centers on Charlie St. Cloud, who is involved in a car crash alongside his younger brother Sam. Charlie survives, but Sam passes away in the accident. Thirteen years later, when Charlie is 28 years old, he works as a caretaker for the Marblehead cemetery, where Sam is buried. Every evening, he spends time to play with the ghost of Sam.

Charlie then meets beautiful Tess Carroll, who has a desire to circumnavigate the globe alone, and falls in love with her. Conflicts happen when Charlie realizes that Tess’ boat is lost in the sea and he cannot do anything to rescue her.

Lyndon Ogbourne's Tricky On-screen Family

'Emmerdale' newcomer Lyndon Ogbourne finds it "tricky" acting around his "beautiful" on-screen mother and sister.

lyndon ogbourne

Lyndon, who plays newcomer Nathan Wylde in the ITV soap, says while he quickly slotted into his role as son to Mark and Natasha Wlyde - played by Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donohoe respectively - he finds working with his on-screen mother and sister distracting.

lyndon ogbourne1

But then there's the wrong side of it, in that having someone as beautiful as Alice as your sister and Amanda as your mother is tricky at times

lyndon ogbourne2

Of his meeting Alice Coulthard, who is his sister in the series, Maisie, Lyndon said: "When we met up and discovered we were playing brother and sister, we just gelled.

lyndon ogbourne3

"But then there's the wrong side of it, in that having someone as beautiful as Alice as your sister and Amanda as your mother is tricky at times."

lyndon ogbourne4

Former 'Robin Hood' actor Lyndon added he was initially daunted in auditions by the calibre of actors he was working with.

He added to website Digitalspy: "In the last audition, we had to do screen tests and I was just thinking 'Jesus' because the family are very established actors. You think that something would come with that status for you to be a bit standoffish with them, but they're such great people.

lyndon ogbourne5

"When you see the first episodes of the family together, the reason why there's such a great bond between us on screen is because we all get on so well."

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Channing Tatum's Fighting talk

Channing Tatum said he's "very proud" that he performed his own stunts in his new movie, Fighting.


The 29-year-old said: "There's not one frame of the movie that's not me, I am very, very proud of that."

But Channing revealed his mother can't bear to watch him in action, saying: "My mom, she is just like 'arggh' - she can't watch, she still covers her eyes."


The actor believes learning martial arts taught him how to concentrate when he was younger and helped control his Attention Deficit Disorder.

"I did Kung Fu from nine to about 13 or 14 and it's just an amazing discipline you know. I think it taught me really early how to focus," he said.

channing tatum

The former model from Alabama says if people want to get into martial arts, they should learn it properly, rather than fighting in the street.

He said: "It's an art form, martial arts, it's knowledge, that's really all it is. You can be tough, you can know how to throw a punch but if I know more than you I am gonna beat you."

channing tatum1

Fighting is out in cinemas now

Jonny McGovern's 3 Dollar Bill/ So You're Having a Gay Baby! featuring Murray Hill

Just a funny random video for you today. 

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Supernatural Season 4 has ended on a high, It was a great series with lots of twists and turns, and of course it had Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Mischa Collins in it, to name a few hot guys.

Supernatural's season finale had just enough of everything to go around.  If you like the bad guys, the finale had plenty of demons.  If you like comedy, there were a ton of pop culture references.  If you like the brotherly love or the Heavenly battle or betrayal or intense Supernatural mythology or Uncle Bobby or Chuck Shurley, it had all of them too.

Season 4 has not quite finished in the UK so I won’t be posting any spoilers, just give you an update on some Season 5 News.

No launch date has been announced for Season 5 yet, but as all previous Seasons it will air in the US first, then other countries, followed by the UK in 2010 as ITV are unlikely to move it from their Spring Schedule to their Winter Schedule, however considering the ratings of the show, their is a slight possibility of a change to the Winter schedules.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Gabriel Thomson

Gabriel Thomson (born 27 October 1986) is an English actor, best known for his role as Michael Harper in the British sitcom My Family.

 Gabriel Thomson2

Gabriel began his acting career at the age of four, performing in plays with a company called The Goliards while his family holidayed in Devon. At the age of five, Gabriel gave his first TV performance in an advert for Frosties which he later said he'd "rather forget". In 1995, Gabriel appeared in a TV version of The Bible: Joseph. He followed this up with a small role in another TV show called Painted Lady.

 Gabriel Thomson

It was in 1999 that Gabriel secured his first major acting role, as Young Pip in the BBC's adaption of Great Expectations. It was through his role on Painted Lady that Gabriel got the role in Great Expectations, as the casting director of Painted Lady thought Gabriel would be perfect as Young Pip. The same year, Gabriel made his big screen debut as Pinocchio in The New Adventures of Pinocchio.

Gabriel Thomson1

Since 2000, Gabriel has played Michael Harper in the British BBC sitcom My Family, starring alongside Robert Lindsay, Zoe Wanamaker,Daniela Denby Ashe and Kris Marshall. He is also remembered for acting alongside Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Ed Harris in the 2001 film Enemy at the Gates.

 Gabriel Thomson4

He was, at one time, rumoured to play Harry Potter in the series of films based on the popular books by J. K. Rowling; however, just days later, Warner Bros. announced that the part was to be portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe.

Gabriel Thomson5