Monday, 26 October 2009


Well its Halloween week, and I am going to a party on Friday, a fancy dress party and can’t decide what to wear, so as always looking for some costumes and came across some hot guys.




fritz aanes


Sunday, 25 October 2009

HustlaBall New York 2009, Oct 11

We have some great pics from Hustlaball









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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Supernatural Season 6

Well we know that major TV companies around the world have already said they will air a Season 6 of Supernatural, but when the creator of a show doesn’t want another season things get complicated.  BuddyTV did an interesting article on the pro’s and con’s of a Season 6.


It's still incredibly early to start talking about whether or not Supernatural might be picked up for another season, but since this week's episode is a repeat, I've had some time to think.  From the beginning, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has said he has a five-year plan for the show, and while he has every intention of finishing it as planned, the summer saw a change in tone regarding the future of Supernatural.

CW President Dawn Ostroff and Kripke himself both remained open to the possibility of continuing Supernatural beyond its current fifth season, but should they?  More Supernatural is rarely a bad thing, but is it worth it for another season?  Just like for every important debate, I made up a list of pros and cons to help figure it out.

PRO: The Creativity of the Writers
Supernatural has one of the most inventive and creative writing staffs on TV, with stand-outs like Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver.  Already this season has featured an apocalyptic future, Paris Hilton and the Anti-Christ (surprisingly, those last two were different characters).  And upcoming episodes include Dean as an old man and the Winchesters living in various other TV shows.  Creatively, Supernatural shows no signs of stopping and could easily keep going with this talented group of writers.

CON: There's Nowhere to Go But Down
This season, the Winchesters are facing Lucifer.  That's as big a villain as you can possibly get, so if the show continues beyond the Lucifer storyline, it would be nearly impossible to match that level of conflict.  Right now, if Kripke does plan on finishing this storyline by the end of season 5, it's hard to imagine what could be as compelling as fighting the devil.

PRO: High Ratings
Not only does Supernatural have great DVR ratings, but it's also one of the CW's highest-rated shows.  Last week, Supernatural's ratings were higher than One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Melrose Place, putting it in the top half of the CW's shows.

CON: Low Ratings
I know this doesn't make sense, but while Supernatural is doing OK compared to other CW shows, it isn't doing that well compared to itself.  Through the first six episodes of season 5, the show's average rating is about 2.74 million viewers, which is the same as the season 3 average, the lowest the show has ever had.

PRO: The CW Doesn't Have Many Shows
Overall, the CW hasn't developed many hits.  Gossip Girl is an exception, and both Reaper and 90210 lasted more than one season, but the CW also had Runaway, Hidden Palms, Privileged, Life is Wild and The Beautiful Life.  The CW only has eight shows on right now, and that's not enough, so the network may have to keep Supernatural around.
CON: The CW is Developing a Ton of New Shows
Right now, the CW is gearing up for pilot season to try and develop some new hits for next fall, and their initial lineup is ambitious, with at least eight new hour-long shows in very early development.  Not all of these will even be under consideration, but it is a sign that the CW is looking for plenty of fresh talent. 

PRO: More Jared and Jensen
If Supernatural comes to an end, the very rabid fan community will be left without a weekly dose of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, which could send some people into withdrawal.  For proof, just ask Wentworth Miller fans how they're coping with Prison Break ending.
CON: Preventing the Stars from New Opportunities
Working on a TV show, especially one where they are the only two real stars, is a time-consuming process for Jared and Jensen, especially since it films in Vancouver and not L.A.  If Supernatural came to an end, both stars would be able to either star in more movies or start over with a brand new TV show.  They both have histories, Jared on Gilmore Girls and Jensen on Dark Angel, so it might be fun to see them expand their horizons and try out some new roles.

VERDICT: Bring on Season 6
When all the pros and cons are weighed, I'm left with the overwhelming desire to see where the heck Supernatural could possibly go.  Season 6 could be a disaster, or it could be a fresh start and breathe new life into an aging series.  There's no way to tell unless we see it, so despite some good reasons against it, I'm strongly in favor of a sixth season for Supernatural, no matter what.


Monday, 12 October 2009

X-Factor Finalists - Joseph McElderry

Name: Joseph McElderry
Age: 18
From: South Shields
Occupation: Student
Audition Show: Saturday August 22nd 2009, Show 1
Audition Location: Manchester
Audition Song: Dance With Your Father by Luther Van Dross
Bootcamp Song: Praying For Time by George Michael
Judges House Song: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest word by Blue
X-Factor Status: Top 12
Mentor: Cheryl Cole
Group: The Boys


Week 1 Song: No Regrets by Robbie Williams

Joe still lives with his family in South Shields; he started singing a few years ago after playing around on a karaoke machine.


Since then, he’s performed in a few local musicals (inc Grease) and entered the ‘Music Means Life’ competition in 2008. This is a regional singing competition in North-East and he came 3rd – he’s also entered ‘Pride of Tyne Side’ competition and won ‘performer of the year’.

He entered The X Factor in 2007 and reached Boot camp but decided to leave the competition as he felt he was too young and wanted more experience (hence entering lots of local competitions). Since then he feels he made the right decision and is very happy to be back on The X Factor in 2009.


He has just started dance training and would love to perform around the world to thousands of people.



X-Factor Finalists – Llloyd Daniels

As promised we shall do a run down of the hot male finalists in this years X-Factor.  Llloyd Daniels is by far the most requested one according to the emails we keep getting, so here goes.

lloyd daniels

Name: Lloyd Daniels
Age: 16
From: South Wales
Occupation: Student
Audition Show: Saturday September 5th 2009, Show 3
Audition Location: Cardiff
Audition Song: I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and If I Could Turn Back The Hand of Time by R Kelly
Bootcamp Song: You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson
Judges House Song: I’m yours by Jason Mraz
X-Factor Status: Top 12
Mentor: Cheryl Cole
Group: The Boys
Twitter: @LloydDanielsUK

lloyd daniels1

lloyd daniels2 

Lloyd is from a small village in Wales and lives with his family. He has always loved music for as long as he can remember. He started singing when he was 5 years old by entering a karaoke competition whilst on holiday at a caravan park in Newquay.


Gay rumours : Well it’s not surprising that there has been many rumours about Llloyd being gay, the only definitive answer we have is from one of the X-Factor staff that say “As far as I know, he is completely straight, he’s only 16, so I really don’t know why people are bothered about his sexuality anyway'”

Sunday, 11 October 2009

X-Factor finalists

Well we are all aware x-factor 2009 has started, and surprisingly we haven’t done any posts about some of the finalists.  This will change, considering there are people like Joe McElderry in it.