Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ryan Kwanten, you just can’t get enough of him, so we heard!

Here’s a bit of a preview by Ryan Kwanten of Season 4 of True Blood from MTV.

ryan kwanten1

"I think we started with nine regular cast, we now have close to 20, I think it is. There's a bunch of new characters," he said.

ryan kwanten2ryan kwanten

"The writers have yet to rest on their laurels," he continued. "They're writing phenomenally well. I mean, for them, it's like a smorgasbord of stuff they get to write with. It's the supernatural. They can write about anything, like vampires' life history from the Civil War."

ryan kwanten3

Yes, this is all totally exciting stuff, but bottom line it for us, Ryan.

ryan kwanten5ryan kwanten4

"Yeah, you're not going to be disappointed. Let me put it that way."

When are we ever, Ryan? Oh, man. Waiting does indeed suck.

ryan kwanten8ryan kwanten7

How are you passing the time until "True Blood" returns this summer?

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