Monday, 24 September 2012

Adult Film Stars! Hot or Not, Models or Actors ? How about Max Ryder or Alex Vaara

A discussion we was having in the office today while working on a site, are Adult Film stars hot or not ?  It seems that the range varies depending on the site, with some sites having such a wide range of models you can’t even class them all the same, which makes it hard to decide.


Would you call them models, or would you call them actors ?  I personally think they are actors, they are doing a scene and acting in it, but is sex really acting ? of course it is, normal people don’t have sex like that.  But who cares they can be hot, and the scenes can be hot.


One our biggest exclusive interviews was with a Adult Film star on another blog getting well over 4 million views, must be something about them that makes people want to watch them, spend money joining sites, and just generally enjoying them.


Before you ask, no we aren't doing an indepth pornographic article, well not on this blog, its not adult you know Smile with tongue out


I might even do an article on my favourite Adult film star, but only with an exclusive interview of course, I like to do things in style.

Every day I get loads of emails, from different sites, different modelling and acting agencies, and different Adult sites, I generally don’t pay any attention to them, but two models stood out today, and that is Max Ryder and Alex Vaara, so what do you think, models, actors, hot or not ?  Well no doubt they are both hot.  And you can follow them both on twitter.


We will do some follow up articles on Adult actors soon, and possibly get some interviews which you all love.  Also we shall cover each of these models in depth in future articles.  Just have to find out which studios they worked for.

First three pics Alex Vaara next two Max Ryder

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