Friday, 14 September 2012

Santiago Street Machine–Manchester Pride

Well myself and a couple of friends decided to visit Manchester Pride, well I was down for the weekend anyway so why not, its a good time, and the music is generally good.

Santiago Street Machine

One group that stood out was Manchester’s very own Santiago Street Machine, there’s me completely hungover not wanting to do much and then I heard this great music on stage, and that was me cured of hungover, bopping along, drinking beer, perfect.

I was going to mention them on one of our other sites, but you know what, they fit this one well.  I’ve got a video as well, but no idea where it is.


Born in a Mancunian greenhouse, Santiago Street Machine combine explosive, breaks driven drums and seismic, distorted bass riffs with infectious vocal hooks and pulsating synthesizers.

Not afraid to push boundaries, Santiago Street Machine are equally comfortable throwing out experimental house monsters as they are with crowd shaking melodic pop. Their style draws influence from electro to the Manchester indie scene, through the emergence of dubstep and with pop sensibilities.

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